Het Dienstencentrum participeert in een netwerk met verschillendel partners zoals: ondernemingen, universiteiten, sector organisaties in Nederland en andere Europese landen. een aantal van die partners ziet u in de lijst hierna. De beschrijving van de organisaties is in het Engels:


Haagse Hogeschool

The Hague University is the most international university in Holland. 20,000 students and 1,700 staffmembers. Website:

Hellenic Open University

The university comprises four schools, namely a School of Humanities, a School of Social Science, a School of Science and Technology and a School of Applied Arts. 

Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN)

The twin cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen (only 15 kms apart) accommodate HAN University of Applied Sciences, one of the fastest growing universities of applied sciences in the country. Website:


IGS (Istitute de Gestion Sociale) was founded 37 years ago has grown to become IGS Group, a grouping of higher education institutes, training centra. The IGS Group has 3 campusus in Paris, Toulouse and Lyon.


University of Twente

We have a partnership with NIKOS, the Dutch Institute for Knowledge and Entrepreneurship. Website:

University of Wupperthal

We work together with the department: "Druck- und Medientechnologie". Website:

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The VU Center for Entrepreneurship is part of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. Website:


Knowledge centers/consultancy firms


Cubion A/S is a medium-sized consulting firm founded in 2004 Core areas: leadership, management development, organizational development and innovation. Website:


Enviros is an energy and environmental consultancy agency,working in the Czech Republic, Central and East European countries, and other European and Asian countries. We help organisations in the public and private sector identify and grasp these opportunities. Website:


Stands for innovative products and services in the economy, science and politics. Innowise develops customized solutions for the development and marketing of new products and services to improve their competitiveness. Website:

IGT Testing systems

IGT Testing systems is the successor of the  TNO Institute for the Graphic Techniques. IGT has affiliates in the USA, Singapore and Japan. website:


VIGC is the Flemish Innovation Center for Graphic Communication, the knowledge center for the graphic arts industry. Website:


Sector organizations

GRAKOM (Graphic Association Denmerk)

The Graphic Association of Denmark (GA) is a trade and employers’ association. Its goal is to strengthen the profitability of GA’s business members. Website:


The Chamber of Commerce in Muenster, Germany with education centre (HBZ). Website:

Koninklijke KVGO

The Royal Dutch Printing association is the Dutch employers organisation for the printmedia industry. Website:


Industry network


EGIN is a network of co-operation in the areas of education, training and research in Europe. Website:



Aarhus Tech

AARHUS TECH is an independent institution with a board. The school is associated with the local business community and the field of industry which the school covers. Employer and employee representatives are equally represented in the board. Website:

Escola De Formacio Antoni Alguero

The Fundación Industrias Gráficas is a non-profit-making private organization that appears in 1991 from the guild of the Graphic industries of Barcelona. The Foundation is the incumbent of the Vocational Training “ Antoni Algueró”, from which several lines of Vocational Training in the Graphic Arts are developed. Website: